Recovery Program

HEALTH Is Your WEALTH Recovery Program is a comprehensive program of 6 PHAZES designed to uncover what’s going wrong with your body’s Nutritional FOUNDATION and repair it through natural means. Much like a house, our bodies need a strong Nutritional Foundation that is strong enough to support the millions of functions our bodies perform on a daily basis and also have enough in reserve to combat the environmental stress of today’s world on all levels. These four levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual all work together synergistically in perfect balance and when this balance gets thrown off, your foundation starts to crumble.

PHAZE 1 is the NUTRITION DEFICIENCY ANALYSIS. The analysis takes an indepth look at your Foundation and finds the areas that are cracked and threatening the failure of your structure with deficiencies that have a huge impact on your health and well being. If your FOUNDATION is cracked and has chunks missing it cannot support the structure of the house and eventually the house will fall down. The same goes for your health. The HEALTH Is Your WEALTH Recovery Program is build to find the deficiencies, repair them and recover your health.

We now have a host of new diseases we are dealing with in our society that didn’t exist 40 years ago.  We have brought these diseases upon ourselves in the name of CONVIENCE with the introduction of pesticides, environmental toxins and pollutants into our soil, water and air. Then came boxed foods, fast foods and hormone additives to our protein sources. Then the invention of GMO foods. (Genetically Modified Foods)  All of these things are incredibly damaging to our cells right down to our very DNA causing what I call the HOLE IN THE BUCKET problem. With all of this widespread damage our bodies can’t plug all the leaky holes fast enough and we are falling apart.

There is only one DISEASE.  All disease has the same root cause = Poor Nutrition

There is only one CURE. The cure for all disease is = Quality NUTRITION

You will not find the answers to healing these diseases in a medical office, or in any synthetic medical drugs.

Drugs don’t match our DNA’s lock and key chemistry therefore our bodies don’t recognize the chemical structure of these synthetic drugs. Drugs don’t heal they cause even more damage. Ever notice the long list of life threatening side affects associated with each drug?  While they may be developed to help with one specific issue, they cause even more. Where does it end?

Nature HEALS.

Did you know your body will heal itself if given the nutritional building blocks to do so? We can help you heal and recover your health using a natural approach that speaks to your body in a language it can understand.

If you or someone you love are ready to start the journey and recover your optimal health, we are ready to help you. Take the first step and complete your NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY ANALYSIS today. You only get one body, so let’s get you on the road to recovery and embrace your greatest WEALTH…….. Your HEALTH.

Are You Deficient?

Q: How do you know if your getting the right amount of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Protein and other nutrients your body needs on a daily basis, or if your deficient in some area?
A: It’s simple…You don’t.

But our bodies do communicate with us using symptoms to call our attention to things that are not functioning quite right. If we pay attention to the symptoms and listen, we can catch and solve a problem in it’s early stages versus waiting until its chronic before we take action.

For this very reason, I developed the NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY ANALYSIS.  The Analysis gives me a very comprehensive look at what’s going on inside your body and highlights nutritional deficiencies with pinpoint accuracy and uncovers a very clear road map showing what deficiencies need to be corrected.



Welcome to the  HEALTH Is Your WEALTH Recovery Program

ANALYSIS  Nutritional Deficiency Analysis

The Nutritional Deficiency Analysis is designed to take a indepth look at your Nutritional Foundation and find the nutrients you are deficient in that are causing problems with your health and well being. 
This is a compilation of your most recent and re-occurring health symptoms that you are experiencing. These symptoms are your body’s way of expressing it is out of balance and you may be heading for some major health issues in the near future, if you are not there already. The time to change is NOW! To achieve a different result you must first change what you are doing.  And we can help!

Using the Nutritional Deficiency Analysis we can determine the deficiencies in your body by the symptoms your body is displaying. These symptoms are a reflection of your current lifestyle and eating habits which are causing the deficiencies in your diet. In PHAZE 1 we start repairing the deficiencies in your foundation and start the repairing and healing process from the inside out.

Your NDA includes the following:

  •  FOLLOW-UP Appointment for RESULTS SUMMARY
  •  RECOMMENDATIONS for Nutritional and Lifestyle changes


The 8 Point Health check is just that. It gives us a glimpse of what’s going on with your body. By filling out the Questionnaires for each of the following issues it helps us become aware of any problems before they become chronic and harder to resolve. These will be taken into consideration in your Nutrition Plan.

INCLUDES: Pre-Phaze Detox

GENERAL HEALTH CHECKLIST – This covers a variety of general health problems and symptoms that are usually connected to and causing bigger issues.

ADRENAL FATIGUE – 90% of people these days have Adrenal Fatigue and are running around exhausted and don’t know how to get out of the exhaustion cycle. They are usually trying to fix the problem with the very thing that is causing the problem.

BLOOD PRESSURE – High blood pressure is a common condition in which the long-term force of the blood against your artery walls is high enough that it may eventually cause health problems, such as heart disease.

CARDIO-METABOLIC RISK – Refers to your chances of having diabetes, heart disease or stroke. It is important to know what your level of risk is.

DETOX – Most people these days need to detoxify their bodies, especially if they have a history of poor diet and lifestyle. We need to detoxify the body and strengthen the foundation before we can build on it.

HORMONES Women & Men’s Hormone imbalance is the nasty villain to blame for a host of health related problems and the cause of many unpleasant symptoms like brain fog, hot flashes, weight gain, sleeplessness and more. Balance the hormones and life get’s exponentially better!

LEAKY GUT SYNDROME – Faulty digestion is directly responsible for a vast array of illness – everything from heartburn and constipation to ulcers. But studies have shown that many widespread illness like arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, food allergies and sensitivities, migraine headaches and psoriasis are ALL indirectly caused by leaky gut syndrome.

MOOD – The four emotion generators in your brain are called “neurotransmitters”. Each one has a distinctly different effect on your mood depending largely on the availability of its particular amino acid. A well stocked brain produces true emotions and you feel emotionally positive, if your key neuro- transmitter levels are high. A poorly stocked brain produces false moods. If you drop too low in any of the key neurotransmitters, you’ll tend to develop a specific set of defective moods as a result.

THYROID -An imbalance of your thyroid hormone can affect every metabolic function in your body. Your thyroid gland is your body regulator. It regulates energy and heat production, growth, tissue repair and development, and stimulates protein synthesis.



You will learn how to incorporate correct nutrition into your new lifestyle, and learn how by giving your body the correct nutrition allows your body to heal itself.

  • Nutrition 101 – PDF
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Personalized Supplement Therapy Plan
  • Grocery Store GPS

Personalized Exercise Plan  with FITT-TRAX Mobile Training App.


During this PHAZE your body is now ready to move forward and start healing from specific health issues and we focus on fixing the HOLE IN THE BUCKET problem. The body has a very specific healing pattern it prefers  as it heals itself.  

We address a large number of health issues such as Adrenal Fatigue, Brain Chemistry Imbalances, AutoImmune problems, unstable Blood Sugar, Bone Health, Digestive Issues, Men and Women’s Hormone Imbalances, Thyroid issues, PMS, Bulemia, Anorexia, Fatty Acid Deficiencies, PCOS and more.  


During this PHAZE you will learn how to put it all together and carry your new healthy lifestyle forward. All Health Is Your Wealth Graduates are granted access to our Members Only LIBRARY OF LEARNING to keep you progressing forward in your lifestyle education knowledge. To include Health Tips, Recipes, Articles, Health and Fitness Industry updates and much more. 


BONUS -Learning Library

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