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Annette Taylor

Annette Taylor

 Holistic Health Practitioner C.N.C. CNT, CPT, CLC

Annette is the owner of HardBody Fitness Holistic Health Institute and The Kaleidoscope Effect Life Coaching Program. She has been in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 18 years helping clients lose weight and regain their health.

 As a Holistic Health Practitioner, she holds Certifications as a Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Life Coach and is currently pursuing a ND Progam as a Doctor of Naturopathy.

She is also blessed with the spiritual gifts of Clairavoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear knowing), and Clairempathy (clear feeling)

She  is very skilled at what she does and  uses all of her gifts, talents, and knowledge to help her clients achieve their health and weight loss goals, clear emotional trauma,  and gain optimal health as a whole person bringing mind, body and soul together as one.

Her success is attributed to her personalized nutrition and exercise plans, naturopathic therapies, energy work skills, life experience, and genuine love and concern to help her clients achieve their own Health Recovery Transformation.

The Fields of Health, Nutrition and Fitness are constantly evolving and changing as new information is discovered about our amazing bodies. Annette enjoys staying on the cutting edge, always looking for new knowledge, tools and technology to help her clients succeed.

If you are suffering from any of the modern day diseases we face today and would like to recover your health and even loss some weight, she would love to work with you.

Her signature 365 Day HEALTH Is WEALTH Recovery Challenge Program includes everything you need to get healthy, lose weight, balance hormones,  and create a new, healthier lifestyle and how to keep it.
To meet with her to discuss your health goals, please schedule a FREE Health Strategy Call today!

Be Healthy – Be Happy!

Next Weight Loss Challenge starts May 1, 2019








365 Health Is Wealth

365 Health Is Wealth Recovery Challenge


 A Full Health Recovery Challenge

 Healing With Nature

A few years ago I worked at a Women’s Health Clinic and watched client after client fall through the cracks of their broken system.
It concerned me greatly that so many came to get help but left without recieving the time, attention, knowledge, expertise or follow up they really needed to successfully solve their problem.
When I realized I had no power to fix the broken system I moved on, but this experience drove me to find a way to help every single client move through their personal health recovery jouney from start to finish and no one would ever fall through the cracks again. I was blessed to find the answer and the Health is Your Wealth – Full Health Recovery Online Challenge was born.

I designed this highly successful 72 week Online Challenge to rebuild the body from the inside out with six powerful Phazes:  ANALYZE, REPAIR, RE-BUILD, TRANSFORM, HEAL, EDUCATE. 

It has everything you need to be successful with Personalized Health Appointments, Weekly Coaching, Nutrition, Supplement Protocols, Exercise, Lifestyle creation, Education and SUCCESS all built in!

Three Health Challenges make up the 365 Health Is Wealth Full Recovery Health Challenge

  90 Day Transformation Challenge
180 Day Turn-Around Challenge
365 Day Health Is Wealth Challenge
* Optional Menopause Mastery Challenge


 Did you know your body will heal itself if given the nutritional building blocks to do so?

 THERE IS ONLY ONE DISEASE.  All disease has the same root cause = Poor Nutrition

We now have a host of new diseases we are dealing with in our society that didn’t exist 40 years ago.  We have brought these diseases upon ourselves
in the name of CONVENIENCE with the introduction of pesticides, environmental toxins and pollutants into our soil,water and air.
Then came boxed foods, fast foods and hormone additives to our protein sources. Then the invention of GMO foods. (Genetically Modified Foods)
All of these are incredibly damaging to our cells right down to our very DNA causing what I call the HOLE IN THE BUCKET problem.
We can’t plug all the leaky holes fast enough and we are literally falling apart.

THERE IS ONLY ONE CURE. The cure for all disease is = Quality Nutrition

You will not find the answers to healing these diseases in a medical office, or in any synthetic medical drugs.

Drugs don’t match our DNA’s lock and key chemistry therefore our bodies don’t recognize the chemical structure of these synthetic drugs.
Drugs don’t heal they cause even more damage. Ever notice the long list of life threatening side affects associated with each drug?
While they may be developed to help with one specific issue, they cause even more. Where does it end?


It means we can hit the rewind button by using what Mother Nature has already given us on this beautiful earth… everything we need to heal ourselves:


So what health issues or symptoms are you dealing with?

Struggling to lose weight?
Chronic fatigue?
Brain fog?
Lack of energy?
No motivation?
Hot flashes?
Night sweats?
Mood swings?
Gut issues?
Sugar cravings?
Binge eating?
Emotional eating?
Recent trauma?
And the list goes on and on…

Are You Ready to Take Responsibility For Your Own Health?

If  you can answer this question with a solid resounding YES! then you are the type of Client I am looking to work with and help.

So What’s next?

 STEP #1
Read through each of the 4 Health Challenge and choose the one you think most closely matches your situation as it stands today or the one that matches up with your STRESS TEST SCORE

The one that resonates with your heart and your gut, is most likely the one for you. 

Schedule a free Health Strategy Phone Call with me.

365 Health Is Wealth – Full Health Recovery Challenge

Get your life back in 72 Weeks!

If you are struggling with multiple health issues such as Weight-loss, Adrenal Fatigue, Candida, Diabetes, Digestion, Hormone Imbalance, Leaky Gut, Liver, Mood, Low Thyroid, or  other health issues that inhibit weight loss, the 365 Health Is Your Wealth Recovery Program is for you.


This Challenge works well for:

Those who have multiple health issues interfering with weight-loss
Those who need to to lose 60-300+ Lbs
Those considering Weight-Loss Surgery
Those who want Coaching Before, During and After Surgery
Those who have already had surgery and gained the weight back

The 355 Health Is Wealth  Recovery Challenge

PHAZE 1   Nutritional Deficiency Analysis
PHAZE 2   8 Point Health Check
PHAZE 3   Kitchen Nutrition
PHAZE 4   FITT-TRAX Workouts
PHAZE 5   Healing Health Issues
PHAZE 6   Life Style Education

Health Strategy & Goal Plan
Customized Nutrition Plan
1st month of Supplements
FITT-TRAX Workouts
Tracking & Accountability
Work Hand n Hand with your doctor
Lifetime Access to our Learning Library
Lifetime Membership HardBodyFITTCoach FB Group

180 Day Turn-Around Challenge

Need a little more time to transform yourself?
This Challenge gives you 180 Days to Transform!

This Challenge works well for:

Women who have additional Health Issues inhibiting weight-loss
You want to lose 60-100 Lbs 


PHAZE 1   Nutritional Deficiency Analysis
PHAZE 2   8 Point Health Check
PHAZE 3   Kitchen Nutrition
PHAZE 4   FITT-TRAX Workouts
PHAZE 5   Healing Health Issues

Health Strategy & Goal Plan
Customized Nutrition plan
1st month of Supplements
FITT-TRAX Workouts
Tracking & Accountability
Work Hand in Hand with your Doctor
Limited Access to our Learning Library
Membership HardBodyFITTCoach FB Group

90 Day Transformation Challenge
This Challenge has everything you need to transform yourself in 90 days!
Nutrition, Supplements, Exercise, Coaching, Accountability.

This Challenge is Designed For:

Mommy MakeOvers
10-40 Lb Weight-Loss
Bridal Boot Camp

The 90 DAY TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE puts you on the fast track to healthy weight loss and body transformation.

PHAZE 1   Nutritional Deficiency Analysis
PHAZE 2   8 Point Health Check
PHAZE 3   Kitchen Nutrition
PHAZE 4   FITT-TRAX Workouts

Health Strategy & Goal Plan
Customized Nutrition plan
1st month of Supplements
FITT-TRAX Workouts
Tracking & Accountability
Access to our Learning Library
Membership HardBodyFITTCoach FB Group

Menopause Mastery

It’s all about Hormone Balance!

This Challenge is for all women in any stage of Menopause and is identical to the 180 Day Turn-Around Challenge with
Nutrition, Supplements, Exercise, Coaching, and Accountability, AND the wonderful 
addition of  Hormone Balance included.
Get back on track and t
riumph over Menopause

You Earn Your Body

You could be our next Transformation Success Story!
What are you waiting for? Now is the time because “Later” never arrives!


Working with Ms. Taylor was life-changing for me. Immediately, from our first meeting, I knew that she cared about me, my quality of life, and my success. In addition to being well-educated in her fields of expertise, she also seemed to have an intuitive knowledge about what I needed to open myself up, to “stick with it”, and to have breakthroughs in order to reach my desired goals. When I moved out of state she was willing to continue working with me over the phone. I highly recommend Annette Taylor for anyone who is ready to take themselves on.

Misti Lyn K.

Annette is very motivating and she pushes you to do your best. Also when you get stuck she will talk you through whatever it is that is blocking you. She is excellent at rooting out the problems and giving you a path to follow in order to overcome them. I love working with her!

Tiffany Beech

At a followup physical 3 months after a diverticulitis attack, my husband was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. We were told his condition was very serious and we needed to make changes fast while we could. The Dr. referred us to a nutritionist to review his diet and make a course change. After meeting with the nutritionist I wanted a second opinion about the plan for my own reassurance, so I called Annette on the phone. She reviewed the nutritionist’s plan with me and explained there were some missing pieces. We decided to work with Annette by phone and email, following her plan exactly, checking in every other day. In three months my husband’s blood sugar levels were down to the normal range consistently and he had lost 30 lbs and felt awesome. At our followup appointment with the nutritionist at that time, the nutritionist could not believe the change that had occurred in such a short period of time and wanted to know what we were doing. Annette is a great personal trainer. She personalized the training and diet to fit my husbands needs and was always positive and encouraging along the way. Not only did he get his body back, he got his life back. Thanks Annette!
Rozanne Young

I started personal training with Annette Taylor and Hard Body Fitness back in 2005 while training for my first marathon. The powerful combination of Nutrition and personal training was able to help me take my body, strength and mind to the next level during my event. I lost over 10 pounds and significantly increased my strength.
I trained on my own for the next 5 years and recently reacquainted myself with her programs shortly after having my first child in September 2009. I needed to lose the weight, tone my body and regain my strength and stamina. I implemented the Nutrition that Ms. Taylor teaches back into my daily routine and attended 4 months of her Booty Boot Camp. The workouts were fun and gave me the push I needed every session. The results were better than any I could have achieved without the Nutrition and the Boot camp experience. I can happily say that my baby is 6 months old, and you would never know that I gave birth 6 months ago! The baby bulge is gone! I lost 8 3/4 inches overall, lost 3.7% bodyfat, lost 13.4 lbs. and mantained my muscle mass. I also scored an Excellent on each of the Fitness Tests! Thanks HardBody Fitness!
I feel like a million bucks!!! It was worth every penny!
JULY 2011 Update….. I am now pregnant with my second child and training with Annette again throughout the duration of my pregnancy. She customizes my workouts to accomodate my growing belly yet keeps me strong, fit, and motivated. I am looking forward to attending Boot Camp again after the baby arrives to finish slimming down. I reccommend working with her for all your fitness needs.
Melissa Miller

I have only been with her for three weeks, but already I’ve learned a lot. She taught me nutrition and what to expect during the training. We don’t do the same thing everyday, its always different and at the end of a workout you always feel the muscles you worked out! It’s never boring and she pushes you past a level you didn’t know you could break through. I highly Recommend her!
Trisha Allen

Next Step

Schedule a Health Strategy Call

I only have a limited amount of slots available for New Clients this Enrollment Launch so I am looking for highly motivated clients that are ready and willing to go all in and achieve their own Health Transformation.

I am looking for those who are totally ready and chomping at the bit to bring healthy changes into their lives.  If you can answer yes to the following questions, then please click on the Schedule Button and reserve your spot on my Calendar.

  • I realize my health problems are bigger than me, and I’m ready for a Mentor/Coach to show me the way.
  • I am ready to listen and implement new ideas and create new habits
  • I am ready to make the committment to myself to embrace change and reach my goals once and for all.
  • I believe I am worth it!
    All of it, the time, the money, the effort, the blood, sweat and tears. I believe I deserve a Healthy Body, and a Healthy Life.
  • I love myself enough to honor my body and take good care of it

If you answered YES to all the questions please click on the Schedule Button and reserve your spot on my Calendar.

During the call be prepared to give me a brief history of what’s going on with your health and what your goals are, then we will create a personalized Health Strategy Plan together as your road map to achieve your Health Transformation.

Schedule Now, and I’ll see you on the other side.

Ready to Move Forward?

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