Working with Ms. Taylor was life-changing for me. Immediately, from our first meeting, I knew that she cared about me, my quality of life, and my success. In addition to being well-educated in her fields of expertise, she also seemed to have an intuitive knowledge about what I needed to open myself up, to “stick with it”, and to have breakthroughs in order to reach my desired goals. When I moved out of state she was willing to continue working with me over the phone. I highly recommend Annette Taylor for anyone who is ready to take themselves on.

Misti Lyn K.

Annette is very motivating and she pushes you to do your best. Also when u get stuck she will help talk you through whatever it is that is blocking you. She is excellent at rooting out the problems and giving you a path to follow in order to overcome them. I love working with her!

Tiffany Beech

At a followup physical 3 months after a diverticulitis attack, my husband was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. We were told his condition was very serious and we needed to make changes fast while we could. The Dr. referred us to a nutritionist to review his diet and make a course change. After meeting with the nutritionist I wanted a second opinion about the plan for my own reassurance, so I called Annette on the phone. She reviewed the nutritionist’s plan with me and explained there were some missing pieces. We decided to work with Annette by phone and email, following her plan exactly, checking in every other day. In three months my husband’s blood sugar levels were down to the normal range consistently and he had lost 30 lbs and felt awesome. At our followup appointment with the nutritionist at that time, the nutritionist could not believe the change that had occurred in such a short period of time and wanted to know what we were doing. Annette is a great personal trainer. She personalized the training and diet to fit my husbands needs and was always positive and encouraging along the way. Not only did he get his body back, he got his life back. Thanks Annette!

Rozanne Young

I started personal training with Annette Taylor and Hard Body Fitness back in 2005 while training for my first marathon. The powerful combination of Nutrition and personal training was able to help me take my body, strength and mind to the next level during my event. I lost over 10 pounds and significantly increased my strength.
I trained on my own for the next 5 years and recently reacquainted myself with her programs shortly after having my first child in September 2009. I needed to lose the weight, tone my body and regain my strength and stamina. I implemented the Nutrition that Ms. Taylor teaches back into my daily routine and attended 4 months of her Booty Boot Camp. The workouts were fun and gave me the push I needed every session. The results were better than any I could have achieved without the Nutrition and the Boot camp experience. I can happily say that my baby is 6 months old, and you would never know that I gave birth 6 months ago! The baby bulge is gone! I lost 8 3/4 inches overall, lost 3.7% bodyfat, lost 13.4 lbs. and mantained my muscle mass. I also scored an Excellent on each of the Fitness Tests! Thanks HardBody Fitness!
I feel like a million bucks!!! It was worth every penny!
JULY 2011 Update….. I am now pregnant with my second child and training with Annette again throughout the duration of my pregnancy. She customizes my workouts to accomodate my growing belly yet keeps me strong, fit, and motivated. I am looking forward to attending Boot Camp again after the baby arrives to finish slimming down. I reccommend working with her for all your fitness needs.

Melissa Miller

I have only been with her for three weeks, but already I’ve learned a lot. She taught me nutrition and what to expect during the training. We don’t do the same thing everyday, its always different and at the end of a workout you always feel the muscles you worked out! It’s never boring and she pushes you past a level you didn’t know you could break through. I highly Recommend her!

Trisha Allen

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