Annette Taylor

Annette Taylor

12 weeks
30 lbs.
17 ¼ inches
Lowered bodyfat from 21%  to 17%
Dropped from size 13 jeans, to size 2 skirt
Lowered  Cholesterol 49 points. From 232 to 183
Lowered  HDL/Chol risk from 4.1 to 3.0
Dropped Triglyceride levels 38 points to excellent range. From 75 to 37
 Fell in LOVE with Weight Training!
Certified as a Personal Trainer 6 months later
Became a Natural Body Building Competitions a year later
Renell Rytting

Renell Rytting

It was an absolute pleasure training Renell. She got on board with her nutrition and supplement changes immediately. She showed up to every workout ready to work hard, and put her whole heart and soul into every workout.  We literally changed the shape of her body with resistance training, cardio, some blood sweat and tears and her custom nutrition plan. She excelled on the leg press, bar squats and smith machine lunges.I am very proud of her and how hard she worked for her fantastic results. Great job Renell!
Will Wood

Will Wood

Will was incredibly dedicated to his HardBody Fitness Customized Nutrition Plan and his Workout Program. Just weeks after getting started he had to have ankle surgery, but managed to still make it to the gym, modify his workouts and keep going with great results!
Will, you win the Award for MOST DEDICATED! I’m so proud of you and your results.
Melissa MIller

Melissa Miller

Melissa is a happy return client. She had great results the first time around, then came back again after having her first child to lose the baby weight. She excelled in Booty Boot Camp and slimmed down again! She also triumphed over her Diabetes Type 2.  Thank you for trusting me again in round two!
Carla Ball

Carla Ball

I met Carla while running on the treadmill next to each other at the gym. She was preparing for another marathon and wanted to drop a few pounds and shave a few minutes off her finishing time for her next race. After training with me for 12 weeks she not only lost 11 pounds using her HardBody Fitness CUSTOMIZED NUTRITION PLAN, but also shaved 9 minutes off her 10K Race. We DECREASED her time by doing wind-sprints on the treadmill for 30 second sprint then 2 minutes walking, then repeat for 33 minutes each session.

Weight training 1X/Week with Windsprints
Long Run 2X/week
Short run 3X/week
Carla I’m so glad we met that day and I could help you achieve your goal!! I’m so proud of you!

Leanne Jones

Leanne Jones

Leanne LOST a whooping 30 lbs. the first first 30 days!. She did this by simply following her customized nutrition plan and doing 30 minutes of fat-burn everyday, while she waiting for a training slot to open up. From there we transformed her body into the best shape of her life!. After accomplishing her goal, she caught the fire and enthusiasm for training others and acquired her Personal Training Certification within the next year. I couldn’t be prouder of her success and ability to overcome her old lifestyle and incorporate a new healthier one. Great job Leanne!
Marlesse Jones

Marlesse Jones

Marlesse was wonderful to work with. When she came to me, she was worried about diabetes running in her family and felt helpless that it would be her destiny too. During our nutrition class the lightbulb came on as she realized that although the rest her family was on or headed down the diabetes road, that road didn’t have to be her road.  She had a choice.  She took everything she learned in the Nutrition Class to heart and in four months time she:

Lost:  20.8 lbs

Lost:  3.20%  Body Fat

Lost:  24 Inches

Lowered her Resting Heart Rate from 88 to 78

Lowered her Blood Pressure from 131/84 to 113/75

3-Minute Cardio Test:  BEFORE 113
AFTER   101

Women’s PushUp Test: BEFORE 16
AFTER   23

Curl Up Test:                   BEFORE 48
AFTER    58

Stretch Test:                    BEFORE  17
AFTER     16

Annette Coombs

Annette was an absolute pleasure to work with. She has so much energy she makes the energizer bunny look slow.  With “Annette”  squared, it was a blast working together.

Annette was very successful with her goals.  She learned how to effectively use all the equipment at the gym, and embraced her nutrition plan with gusto.

In four months of training she successfully:

LOST: 6.6% BodyFat

LOST:12.4 LBS Fat

GAINED: 3.8 LBS Muscle

LOST: 16 Inches

Resting Heart Rate:        BEFORE 72
AFTER   66

Blood Pressure:              BEFORE:  123/75
AFTER:     120/64

3-Minute Cardio Test:  BEFORE 92
AFTER   81

Push Up Test:                  BEFORE  4   Womens
AFTER    26 Womens

Curl Up Test:                  BEFORE  68
AFTER   85

Stretch Test:                   BEFORE  20
AFTER    20

Brooke Trumbo
Allison Howes

Allison Howes

Allison is well into her Transformation Journey. She has already accomplished SO much to get to this point by overcoming many obstacles and bad beliefs from her past. Her progress is astonishing! It’s amazing to watch what happens when we get the mind, the body and the spirit aligned. I can’t wait to see her final results! Keep up the good work Allison.

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