Energy Work


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Counseling and Therapy address the conscious (logical) mind and the heart level (emotional).When you talk out your issues with a counselor or a therapist, and cry your eyes out into your pillow you are releasing negative emotions. This is necessary when dealing with any of life’s difficult and traumatic experiences, as you move through them and overcome. Both are effective to a point. You may think you have successfully finished dealing with a certain experience and put it behind you, but there is yet another level that has not been addressed. That level is the Subconscious Energy Level..

Everyone has residual trapped emotional energy left over from these traumatic life experiences in their subconscious. These trapped emotions if not dealt with, will start manifesting in your body as physical problems and then snowball into multiple physical issues. Most people run to the doctor for some pills and medication to fix everything. But medication can’t heal Trapped Emotions. Along with the physical manifestations, these trapped emotions will continue to cause problems and make us repeat bad habits,bad behaviors and bad decisions over and over again, as well as repeating negative emotional patterns like anger, discouragement, depression, negative self-talk, etc. until they are released.

I clear Trapped Emotional Energy from your subconscious body. Once these trapped emotions are released they are gone forever. Energy is energy whether it is positive or negative. Energy will always exist. When the negative trapped emotions are released they revert back to positive energy. As an Empath I am also able to find the problems quickly and help you resolve them.

I also address Generational Trapped Emotions that have been handed down through each generation to the next in you family’s DNA. Such as anger, abuse, illness and negative behavior and habits.
These trapped emotions can be cleared throughout the entire Generational Line from the point of origin all the way down to you and your children.Thus breaking the cycle.

You may also have a Heart Wall, and or a hidden Heart Wall that is trapping emotions behind it that were too painful for you to process at the time of the traumatic experience (s) however long ago, but they are still there causing havoc with your emotions today. They will remain stuck there until we release them.

If you are ready to move forward with your life and leave all this trapped emotion behind  you and tear down your Heart Wall, Energy Work is a must for you.

I offer special Package Pricing for those who will need multiple sessions.

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Energy Work

1 Hour Session $50, 1.5 Hour Session $70, (2) – 1 Hour Sessions $90, 3 – 1 Hour Sessions $135, BEST VALUE! Buy 6 Get 1 FREE (7 hrs) $300

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